“If You Want To Find Love” (Song):  http://smarturl.it/IfYouWantToFindLove


“If You Want To Find Love” (Official Video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yg8MAk-J8Xo

Alternative Country Rock Band in Long Island, NY

“The Wild West of Rock”


The Grave Jinglers is an alternative country rock band in Long Island, NY. The group is powered by frontman, Doc Reinhart, an ex-medical doctor turned musician who started the project in 2011. He labels the project’s unique blend of music styles as “The Wild West of Rock” not only to describe the sound but as an attempt to indicate the unrestricted and unchartered nature of the musical and lyrical content. This alternative country rock band chose the term “Grave Jingler,” which can be taken as a representation of those who have figuratively returned from the dead. In that way, anyone could be a “Grave Jingler.” Aside from any spiritual overtones, Doc’s music has been heard on The Disney Channel (“Don’t Waste My Time”), placed in the independent film “What Happened Last Night (2016) and has received stellar reviews. Skope magazine says, “It’s hard not to appreciate good songwriting like this” and “there’s no doubt – this is a very well-rounded out band that definitely contains a wealth of talent succeeding in any sound or style they seem to want to take on.”