“The Wild West of Rock”

The Grave Jinglers are an Alternative Country Rock band based in the Long Island / New York City area. The group is powered by frontman Doc Reinhart, an ex-medical doctor turned musician who started the project in 2011. He labels the project’s unique blend of music styles as “The Wild West of Rock” not only to describe the sound, but as an attempt to indicate the unrestricted and unchartered nature of the musical and lyrical content. The term “Grave Jingler,” more generally could be taken as a representation of those who have figuratively returned from the dead. In that way, anyone could be a “Grave Jingler.” Aside from any spiritual overtones, Doc’s music has been heard on The Disney Channel (“Don’t Waste My Time”), placed in the independent film “What Happened Last Night (2016) and has received stellar reviews. Skope magazine says, “It’s hard not to appreciate good songwriting like this” and “there’s no doubt – this is a very well-rounded out band that definitely contains a wealth of talent succeeding in any sound or style they seem to want to take on.”

Doc’s first release was in April of 2013, a four song EP entitled “Midnight Sun” in which Doc performed the EP almost entirely on his own. The album received steady airplay in several European countries and it prompted Mike Hauser from Cambridge 105 FM to state, “Don’t know if I’ve said this before . . . but I really really do like these guys. Their music is absolutely amazing.” For the next release, Doc decided to join forces with various New York based musicians and on February 10th, 2015 released a first full length album entitled “Reign of the West.” Again, tackling a wide range of emotion, the album has been described by Skope Magazine as, “An extremely rewarding choice; this blend of Rock/Americana works really, really well right from the opening track ‘When I Shut The Door’ as The Grave Jinglers demonstrate tight songs, skillful playing and perfect production on this album instantly.” This self-released record made the US charts, reaching #4 in Relix Magazine and #234 AMA. In a short time, the band, which includes Charlie Rauh (guitar), Martin Doykin (bass), and Oskar Haggdahl (drums) has already performed at such notable venues as The Paramount (Huntington, NY), appeared on WBAI 99.5 FM in New York City, and performed at festivals such as the Huntington Fall Festival and Jersey Shore Music Festival.

Although this group certainly maintains an element of lightheartedness both on and off the stage, they demonstrate a commitment to finding that part of existence that is real and meaningful. It’s this spirit which prompted The Alternate Root Magazine to go as far as stating “Doc Reinhart is a helper of humanity” and is the reason you can truly look forward to sharing this musical journey with them. Be sure to sign up to the mailing list and check in for exclusive updates to join them in this new exciting chapter featuring the release of their new album, “Quit this Place.”

The (partially fictional) tale of Doc Reinhart:

You may know of him already since a part of him still exists in most all of us, but Doc Reinhart is an ex medical doctor born and raised in a lower middle class family in the suburbs of Tombstone, Arizona. He remembers a distant life somewhat isolated, happy and protected, but all too soon he was released into a vicious and ignorant surrounding land. He tried hard to isolate himself and traveled many years on a path of discipline, questioning, self scrutiny and self-restraint, realizing that though he experienced the joys of overcoming his own limitations, obstacles and corruption, he possessed a growing anger and deep rooted hostility soon to be realized as the result of a lie. The world was nothing like he was shown, was not what he had remembered or imagined, and reflected none of what he had become. The tools he had developed to help others were constantly blunted with the blows of swords and sought after by the ravenous. The princess he wished to save deemed him charmingly brave, but surreptitiously tried to destroy him. He would spend days at a time in dark rooms pondering these events and trying to reconcile his past. Though one could never tell by his light-hearted humorous spirit, Doc Reinhart has often been misunderstood and has enjoyed no more than random moments of solace from a passerby. For this reason, he relates most wholeheartedly with the homeless and dejected. Doc has the special power of mind reading and can manufacture light from disappointment and frustration born of the good. He has been known to mention a small town known as Wild Horse Junction. Nobody has ever confirmed its actuality, but he swears on his bones of its existence and tries endlessly to find it.

The entrance to this town supposedly reads:

“You have just entered Wild Horse Junction, recently revitalized with the spirit of a fresh new perspective, where the old corrupted law of the west has been overthrown and replaced with the new establishment of law, that of no law, where no law is necessary because everyone has established this law in their own hearts, where no man or woman lies hungry and no child forlorn. The substance of the land is love, but all the bitterness, anger and scars of the years that brought us here remain. They lie dormant, tamed and contained in the memory of its inhabitants and play like an endless film. Please do not feed the animals, but enjoy the show.”

Jingler – a person who talks in rhyme or in a catchy repetitious manner, or someone who drinks a lot

Grave Jingler – for your interpretational pleasures and conversational stimulation

We’re influenced by Nature, Solitude, Reading, Gunfighting (upon provocation), Perusing Antique Stores, Exercising, Live Music, Zombie Irritation and Aggravation, Eating and Dining, Player Hating, Long Walks at Midnight, Mind Reading, and Pulp Fiction.


Doc Reinhart – Vocals/Guitar/Songwriting

Guest Performers:

Charlie Rauh – Guitars
Martin Doykin – Bass
Oskar Haggdahl – Drums