REVIEW: “Reign of the West” LP in Skope Magazine

Some highlights on “Reign of the West” by Skope . . .

“An extremely rewarding choice; this blend of Rock/Americana works really, really well right from the opening track “When I Shut The Door” as The Grave Jinglers demonstrate tight songs, skillful playing and perfect production on this album instantly.”

“I realized as I was writing this and listening again, just how many switches in tone & feel this album has…yet how incredibly consistent it remains…”

“The Open Road” packs in a beautiful melody, excellent harmonies ending in the result of one stellar track, through and through. Their instincts to switch up styles and sounds is excellent”

(On “I’ll Turn the Light Out for You”) “this final, emotionally-intense and perfectly delivered song leaves you with the lasting impact that their music deserves.”

“there’s no doubt – this is a very well-rounded out band that definitely contains a wealth of talent succeeding in any sound or style they seem to want to take on.”

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